Viola Steffens sings Hildegard Knef album cover

Worlds first reggae schlager

One of the most unique albums I have worked on is coming out new years day!

Viola Steffens, the well known actress and musician, hits the scene again with this surprising reinterpretation of Hildegard Knef’s music. A German citizen who has lived in Los Angeles for almost two decades, Steffens is uniquely able to deliver a German-Californian fusion that completely transcends the originals.

Composer, orchestrator, and producer Jeremy Borum is a California native and has toured the world extensively in both classical and rock-reggae contexts. He completely re-imagined the old classic songs and created the first ever fusion of German Schlager and California rock-reggae.

In a genre dominated by male leads, Steffens and Borum have created the first ever rock-reggae-schlager led by a woman: an island-ready, feel-good, German-Californian, neo-classic style.