Don Lardie book of transcriptions

Don Lardie was a blind composer and piano teacher who died several years ago. He recorded his compositions with a cheap old cassette player, and because of his blindness they were never written down. I had the honor of helping to preserve his legacy and recently completed transcribing his entire catalogue, a little more than 200 pages of solo piano …

ZMX Music signs two new artists

I’m happy to announce that ZMX Music has signed two new artists, The Apples In Stereo and Saves The Day. Like all other sheet music published by ZMX, I will be overseeing the production process and working with the artists to ensure 100% artist approval.

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New Tegan and Sara sheet music

ZMX Music has released a dozen new arrangements for Tegan and Sara for some of their more popular songs. The entire Tegan and Sara songbook is available on their website, all of it transcribed and arranged by myself.

Third album transcription for Unfulfilled Desires

I just completed music copyist work for yet another album by New York funk/jazz band Unfulfilled Desires. This was the third album of theirs that I did transcriptions and music preparation for. As you can hear from the video, there are quite a lot of notes to listen to and write down.