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Sheet Music: The Map To Your Score

Originally published Spring 2017 in The Score, the quarterly journal of The Society of Composers & Lyricists, by Designing Music Now, and by Scoring Notes. Not every score will need to be written down as sheet music before it’s recorded. However, if you’re hiring musicians those players almost always need something written down for them. Scoring for media is very …

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Sheet Music, the map to your score – article in The Score

I have written another front page article for The Score, the quarterly journal of the Society of Composers and Lyricists. This article is a quick how-to guide about the fastest ways to get music out of a sequencer or DAW and into printed notation as quickly as possible. In it I share some tips and tricks from my two decades of …

Michael Buble & David Foster

Pop/jazz sensation Michael Buble is going back into the studio to start a new album, and I helped to get him and his arranger/producer extraordinare David Foster started. I did some transcriptions of songs and setup up robust sheet music templates for them to use while shaping the new album. That sheet music will carry them through the album recording …

ZMX signs with BMG

At ZMX Music we have just signed a blanket license with BMG, so we anticipate a great partnership and an expanded roster of artists in the near future! As of today we are now working with the bands Beach House,Metric, Anarbor, and Mustard Plug, and I expect there will be many more fantastic bands coming soon.

Don Lardie book of transcriptions

Don Lardie was a blind composer and piano teacher who died several years ago. He recorded his compositions with a cheap old cassette player, and because of his blindness they were never written down. I had the honor of helping to preserve his legacy and recently completed transcribing his entire catalogue, a little more than 200 pages of solo piano …

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Tegan and Sara album release

Today Tegan and Sara released their newest and much awaited album Heartthrob through Warner Brothers. ZMX simultaneously published and released sheet music to go along with it, so if you’re a fan of Tegan and Sara check out their website. The girls will be touring the album for much of 2013.

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ZMX signs Mayday Parade

ZMX Music has signed Mayday Parade, and we’re very happy to have them on board with us. The pop-punk band from Tallahassee, Florida, is just coming off the Warped Tour and just released a new self-titled album.

Bonnie Weiss music book complete

Bonnie Weiss is a songwriter and composer who has been working on a new book of music, most of which is arrangements for piano and voice. I did the music engravings for her, we completed the music preparation today, and it looks fantastic. Here is one example of her writing from a recent performance.