Nina film released

A film titled Nina about the legendary musician Nina Simone was released today. I orchestrated the film score with composer Ruy Folguera, and we recorded the score in Prague. The film was written and directed by Cynthia Mort and stars Zoe Saldana.

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Nina Simone biopic

Today we finished recording the film score for Nina, a biopic about the late jazz musician and classical pianist Nina Simone. We recorded the orchestra in Prague and the rest of the musicians in Los Angeles, and the film will be released in March 2016. The film stars Zoe Saldana and is directed by Cynthia Mort. The film composer is …

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Vicente Fernandez film release

My latest movie opens this Friday in West Hollywood in a soft release that will begin at the Laemmle Theatres in LA and roll out to broader distribution after a few weeks. The film is a family comedy called The Man Who Shook The Hand Of Vicente Fernandez, and it stars the late Ernest Borgnine. He was 94 during production …

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Orchestrating a film starring Ernest Borgnine

I am the orchestrator for a feature film starring Ernest Borgnine titled The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez. Ernest is a living ledgend in film and television. He’s 94 years old, full of energy, and still going strong. He’s truly inspiring. The film is directed by Elia Petridis, and I’m working with film composer Ruy Folguera.

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Imbrolio nel Lenzuolo released

Italian film L’imbroglio nel lenzuolo was released in theatres today. It was directed by Alfonso Arau, stars the iconic beauty Maria Grazia Cucinotta, and has a film score composed by Ruy Folguera. I was the orchestrator and music copyist for Ruy, and we recorded the orchestra at Gustavo Borner’s 19-time Grammy-winning studio Igloo Music.

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Recording for Facundo Monty in Prague

Today we recorded the Prague Philharmonic playing my orchestrations and Ruy Folguera’s arrangements for an album by Facundo Monty titled Ella. I was also the music copyist. It was recorded at the famous Smecky Music Studios with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

Recording film score in Prague

Today I co-produced the recording sessions for the film Cuestion de Principios using the City of Prague Philharmonic. I was the orchestrator for composer Ruy Folguera. Composed in Argentina, orchestrated in Los Angeles, and recorded in Prague, it is a truly international film score. The film was directed by Rodrigo Grande.

Recording for L’Imbroglio nel Lenzuolo

I was the orchestrator and music copyist for Ruy Folguera on a film called L’imbroglio nel Lenzuolo which stars Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Over the last two days we recorded the orchestra with Gustavo Borner at Igloo Music here in Los Angeles, and it sounds fantastic. It takes place at the turn of the century in Italy when film was newly invented …