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Bugbaby Festival Win

Rebecca Doppelt’s film Bugbaby which I scored won Best Horror Short at the Phoenix Film Festival! The film was very well received and my music got a lot of mention during the forums afterwards.

Bugbaby score complete

The film score for Bugbaby is done! It’s a wacky, crazy, Tim Burton style horror score starring the legendary actress Mink Stole. The film was directed by Rebecca Doppelt, and it’s a beautiful example of camp and kitsch. It’s going to the dub stage in San Francisco tomorrow for the final mix.

Final dub of “The Ringing”

Robert Rollins and I just completed the final audio dub of his film “The Ringing.” I was the film composer and sound designer for this film, and I did the audio mix as well. I am now transitioning immediately to scoring Rebecca Doppelt’s film “BugBaby.”

BugBaby shoot & CRASH!!

I will be the film composer for Rebecca Doppelt’s next film Bugbaby. I was on set today to get a head start by observing her directing, which was fun. I crashed my motorcycle on the way home, which was not. I was hospitalized with a serious concussion and I lost 24 hours of my memory, but I’m okay and the …

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Take A Bow documentary film score complete

The music mix for Becky Doppelt’s documentary Take A Bow, for which I was the composer, wrapped today. I scored it here in Los Angeles, the film will be dubbed in Chicago, and then it’s finished! That’s good news for any documentary, because docs take forever to make. This is my first feature film score, and I’m very proud of …

Take A Bow screening in Chicago

We had a preliminary screening of Rebecca Doppelt’s documentary Take A Bow in Chicago today at Colombia College. The film was a success and it is very close to finished. Although it was not intended to be the focal point, my film score got lots of attention from the audience.