Mark Abel – Time And Distance album release

My fifth album collaboration with composer Mark Abel came out today on the Delos label. Time and Distance is a wide-ranging collection of classical art song that features Grammy-winning soprano Hila Plitmann and Southern California mezzo Janelle DeStefano. Mark’s provocative and original style blends elements of classical, rock and jazz in a unique musical fusion that combines the depth and sophistication of …

Another Mark Abel song cycle

Mark Abel has just completed yet another song cycle, for which I was again his music copyist. Entitled “In The Rear View Mirror, Now” they illustrate again how very unique Mark’s artistic voice is. I have worked with him since 2010, and it’s always a pleasure.

Recording a new opera

I was orchestrator and co-producer for a new Opera by composer Mark Abel. We had an all-star cast of musicians and the album will be released on the Delos label in 2016. It was a deep collaboration between Mark and I which lasted about a year, and it was a real pleasure to work on. The session was conducted by Benjamin …

Orchestrating TWO operas

In a strange twist of coincidence I find myself orchestrating not one but TWO operas at the same time, both of them about 90 minutes long. I am confident this will never again happen in my career. Together they represent several thousand pages of orchestration and score preparation. One is by Stewart Copeland, a project that we began in late …

Mark Abel opera orchestrations

I’m beginning yet another project with Mark Abel, this time a full length opera for chamber orchestra. For the moment we are only making rehearsal scores for the vocalists, but it will not be long before I am orchestrating the whole opera with him. He has a very unique musical voice and it’s always a pleasure to work with him.

Mark Abel’s song cycle “Terrain Of The Heart”

The album “Terrain Of The Heart” was released today, my third album with Mark Abel and Delos Records, which is run by the classical piano legend Carol Rosenberger. Terrain is an album of classical art songs made of three different song cycles, all with Mark’s text and music. I was again the score editor and music copyist for Mark.

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Delos Music and Kyle Bielfield’s “Stopping By”

Kyle Bielfield is a classical tenor, and today he released an album titled “Stopping By” of American poets and composers, both past and living. The album was released by Delos, my second album with the label. I was the music copyist and score editor for his recording sessions.

Composer’s salon performance in Venice

Today I will give world premieres of some contemporary classical pieces for piano and voice at a composer’s salon in Venice Beach. Hosted by Kubilay Üner, the event is a European style salon in which composers can present and discuss the creation of music. The songs are new works by composer Mark Abel, with whom I produced the album Dream …

Dream Gallery on Amazon’s Hot New Releases

The orchestral album I orchestrated and produced with composer Mark Abel, Dream Gallery, has been in the top 20 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases list for more than a month now, and today we made it up to #2. I’m flattered, proud, and a little surprised all at the same time.