Scoring a film for Robert Rollins

I am beginning my sixth film score for director Robert Rollins for a film titled “Fortunes Fools.” I have been Robert’s composer for 7 years now, and it’s more fun to work with him every time. It’s truly a pleasure to have such a long standing creative partnership. The film will be released late in 2015.

Fortunes Fools production begins

Fortune’s Fools, my sixth film with director Robert Rollins has begun production. I was on set today to meet the actors and hear Bob’s direction, because it’s enormously helpful to my composing process and gives me a little head start. It will be part of  a larger package of movies called Dream Country, and I scored all of the films in …

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Magic Hourglass wins a Telly Award

I’m proud to announce that The Magic Hourglass won a Telly Award. This is the second Telly I have received in a collaboration with director Robert Rollins, and I look forward to scoring his feature film Dream Country later this year.

Screening of Long After Midnight

Today was a screening of Robert Rollins’ recently completed film “Long After Midnight”, for which I was the film composer. It was received well, and will ultimately be part of a larger package called Dream Country.

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Knightfall wins a Telly award

I was the film composer for Robert Rollins’ new film “Knightfall”, and today it won a Telly Award in the non-broadcast category. We are honored to be among the winners. The film will ultimately be part of a larger package of films called Dream Country.

Screening of Robert Rollins film Knightfall

We had a private screening of Robert Rollins’ new film “Knightfall” today, basically a belated wrap party for all of the cast and crew. Since the film composer begins working in post-production it is the only chance for much of the crew to meet the film composer. I feel like I know all the actors and yet I’m a complete …

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Knightfall film score finished

My score for Robert Rollins’ film “Knightfall” wrapped today. This film score was a tough one to get my head around at first, but the final product is great.

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Pumpkin Hollow screening at LA Shorts Festival

The score I composed for Robert Rollins’ “Pumpkin Hollow” was screened with the film today at the LA Shorts Festival. The score is dramatic and orchestral throughout, as it’s meant to be a suspenseful and slightly scary Halloween film. This is my first collaboration with Robert, but he’s actively working on concepts for a half dozen other films so I’m …