Mark Abel’s song cycle “Terrain Of The Heart”

The album “Terrain Of The Heart” was released today, my third album with Mark Abel and Delos Records, which is run by the classical piano legend Carol Rosenberger. Terrain is an album of classical art songs made of three different song cycles, all with Mark’s text and music. I was again the score editor and music copyist for Mark.

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Delos Music and Kyle Bielfield’s “Stopping By”

Kyle Bielfield is a classical tenor, and today he released an album titled “Stopping By” of American poets and composers, both past and living. The album was released by Delos, my second album with the label. I was the music copyist and score editor for his recording sessions.

Dream Gallery on Amazon’s Hot New Releases

The orchestral album I orchestrated and produced with composer Mark Abel, Dream Gallery, has been in the top 20 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases list for more than a month now, and today we made it up to #2. I’m flattered, proud, and a little surprised all at the same time.

Dream Gallery gets nice reviews and videos

Our orchestral album Dream Gallery got a nice review from All Music that describes the album both briefly and well. There is also a new series of composer commentary videos on YouTube. The introduction gives an overview of the album. Dream Gallery is on the Delos Music label.

Playing for Mark Abel

Today I had an epic 13 hour recording session playing piano for Mark Abel’s project entitled The Dream Gallery, an orchestral album project that I am co-producing with him for Delos Music. I managed to record and fully edit the piano for the entire 70 minute album, and as usual my 1906 Baldwin grand sounds wonderful.