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Cleveland Symphony Orchestra

On October 5 world percussion ensemble D’Drum and the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra will be performing Gamelan D’Drum, a piece I worked on with Stewart Copeland. It was performed previously by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, where it was condcuted by Jaap van Zweden, and the Royal College of Music.

Nice day for press

This morning I was presented with two nice surprises. First, the Berklee College of Music Berklee Blogs did a really nice feature about me. Second, Dream Gallery made it to Amazon’s Hot New Releases list. Not a bad way to start the day! I’m also beginning some work for another show with Stewart Copeland and D’Drum, this time at the Royal College …

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D’Drum and Dallas Symphony success

“The audience fairly exploded Saturday night in the most uproarious ovation I can remember at a Dallas Symphony Orchestra classical concert.” – Dallas Morning News I did the music copyist, preparation, and engraving work for composer Stewart Copeland and publisher G. Schirmer. The piece is called Gamelan D’Drum and was commissioned specifically for the D’Drum percussion ensemble. The piece is …

Stewart Copeland and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Composer Stewart Copeland’s score for percussion ensemble D’Drum and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra is now finished. I helped him prepare the 514 pages of manuscript over the last few months, acting as score editor and music engraver, and today it was sent to publisher G. Schirmer for printing. The premiere will be conducted by Jaap van Zweden.

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Working with Stewart Copeland

I have begun working with Stewart Copeland, working towards a concert with the Dallas Symphony in February of next year. I am assisting him with the music preparation for his symphonic work, which combines a western orchestra with a massive eastern gamelan orchestra on one stage to create a percussion player’s whimsical dream come true. The piece was commissioned especially …