Android western-themed commercial

If you like westerns, caricatures, and creative advertising then check out my latest commercial on YouTube! It’s a spot for an Android phone directed by Rebecca Lorenne Doppelt, and it was a really fun little project to work on.

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Celebrating 5 years with Blue Shield of California

I wrote some music for a Blue Shield of California commercial five years ago, and Blue Shield has been using my music continuously ever since. There have been dozens of commercial spots that used my music, but here are some of my favorites:

Blue Shield of California commercial turns 3 years old

Today marks the three year anniversary of Blue Shield Of California’s use of my music in their television advertising campaigns. They have used my music exclusively for that entire three years, which is pretty fun.

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Music for Blue Shield of California commercial

Blue Shield Of California has chosen my music for their new television advertising campaign. The music will be used indefinitely for all of their TV ads statewide. There were about thirty composers bidding for this job, so I’m happy (and probably lucky) to get it.