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Home from South America tour

Throughout this last month I toured through Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru playing keyboards with Christafari. It was the toughest and most sleep deprived tour I have experienced in my three years working for them, but we were in good places with good people. In this photo I’m performing with the brilliant Nengo Vieira, who channels Bob Marley in wonderful ways …

Home from South America tour

I just returned from a tour with Christafari where I was playing keyboards in Guyana, Trinidad, Brazil, and other beautiful tropical places. Perfect for winter!

Brazil tour with Christafari

I spent all of October touring through Brazil again with the band. We had shows almost every day, but there were a few days off and my Portuguese is getting a lot better! I absolutely adore Brazil and would move there in a heartbeat if I thought they had enough of a music industry for me to continue my career …

Home from Brazil tour

I just returned from a great tour in Brazil with Christafari. I think we played every major city in just a few weeks and got a few fantastic 5-star hotels and beach days too. The crowds averaged about 3,000 people every night, and Brazilian crowds are LOUD!! Shows down there are a lot of fun.