Music Preparation – Copyist & Engraver

Music Preparation Rates and Samples

Music preparation can mean copying or engraving. What is the difference? Music copyists work towards a single event, usually a recording session or performance, and music engravers produce manuscripts for publication. An engraver’s work is far more detailed, as they produce the definitive score for a piece of music to strict publisher’s standards.

For concerts and recording sessions I am an excellent music copyist, and my work has the grace, clarity, and accuracy of published engravings. I use both Sibelius and Finale for music notation.

My music copyist clients include Los Angeles film composers Alan Menken, Tyler Bates, Penka Kouneva, Marc Streitenfeld, Fil Eisler, and Nathan Furst, contemporary composers Stewart Copeland, David Foster, Pete Townshend, and Mark Abel, performers Andrea Bocelli, Mary J. Blige, Ricky Martin, Hilary Hahn, Yazawa, and Roy Ayers.

I have done music copyist and music engraving work in Los Angeles and around the world for The White House, Dreamworks, Warner, Sony, and CBS, performing orchestras such as the Dallas Symphonyand Chicago Symphony in the US, Canberra Pops Orchestra in Australia, Royal Opera of London, Cinema Expo convention in Amsterdam, Polish National Radio Symphony, Kiev Philharmonic Orchestra in the Ukraine, recording orchestras in Prague and Hollywood, and many others.

For many years I was the master arranger and head music engraver for print publisher ZMX Music, where I oversaw the work of the arrangers and did the final score preparation of all manuscripts produced by ZMX. I have also prepared music manuscripts for many other major publishers, including Hal Leonard, Boosey & Hawkes, Schirmer, EMI Christian Music Group, Edition Peters, Alfred, MorningStar, Kalmus, and many others. My engravings number in the thousands and most are distributed globally both in print and online.