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Scoring The Magic Hourglass

My film scoring process has begun for Robert Rollins’ film The Magic Hourglass. Because we’re longtime collaborators and he likes to involve the composer very early on, this score is proving to be an easy nut to crack. I was involved in this film as early as the script writing and budgeting processes, so now that it’s time to write the music for the film it feels like an old friend and not a new project. Working with Robert is a rewarding and deep collaborative process.

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Producing artist Austin Bustad

Over the last four days I hosted one continuous, epic recording session at my studio with artist Austin Bustad. I am producing his next album, which will be my third project with him. We’re now totally done tracking guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. Overdubs will begin next week.

Building more high-end microphone preamps

Ever the do-it-yourself creative type, I recently built more top-notch microphone preamps for my studio. This is a matched stereo pair of Class A tube preamps. Depending on the gain settings they go from clean and warm to highly colored and a little gritty. They will be a useful addition to the studio, and because of the tubes they double as a little space heater too. These kits are from Scott Hampton at Hamptone.

Austin Bustad’s latest album

This week I’m in the midst of producing a solo album for Austin Bustad, and we’re getting close to finished. The mixes are turning out really well and it’s been a real pleasure to work on his music. Austin’s sense of melody and harmony are truly very special. His other project is the Seattle-based band Lonely Mountain Lovers.

Final dub of “The Ringing”

Robert Rollins and I just completed the final audio dub of his film “The Ringing.” I was the film composer and sound designer for this film, and I did the audio mix as well. I am now transitioning immediately to scoring Rebecca Doppelt’s film “BugBaby.”

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Construction finished!

After a few weeks of construction my recording studio is better insulated from outside noise and also better treated for sound on the inside. My new custom workstation is complete, my gear is mostly hidden away in the machine room, double doors are installed, I’m freshly organized, and the studio is back in business!

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Johanne Borum’s album finished

The new year comes with the completion of a new project. Today I finished the final mixes for Johanne Borum’s second album Rejoice, and it was a real pleasure to produce and arrange for my mom. The album was recorded and mixed here at my studio in Los Angeles and should be available in the next month or so.

Custom mic preamps

My custom built high-end mic preamps are complete! Last week I had bags full of thousands of electronic components, and today I have 8 high-end mic preamps. They’re replicas of Neve, API, and Millennia preamps, and this build saves me about $4,000 over the name brand preamps without sacrificing quality. The DIY kits are by Seventh Circle Audio.