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Pumpkin Hollow screening at LA Shorts Festival

The score I composed for Robert Rollins’ “Pumpkin Hollow” was screened with the film today at the LA Shorts Festival. The score is dramatic and orchestral throughout, as it’s meant to be a suspenseful and slightly scary Halloween film. This is my first collaboration with Robert, but he’s actively working on concepts for a half dozen other films so I’m sure it won’t be the last.

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Re-orchestrating Alan Menken music

I am mildly re-orchestrating and doing music preparation for composer Alan Menken and a medley of his music that will be played at the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam soon. It includes sneak previews of his score from the soon-to-be-released film score for Enchanted, which is hotly anticipated at the moment. It’s an honor to work with his music and study it in such close detail.

Alan cut together audio of the medley and gave me the original scores. The job is actually un-orchestrating or reducing. It’s my job to edit the scores to match and then re-orchestrate the huge session orchestra music down to fit the smaller live performance ensemble.

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Take A Bow documentary film score complete

The music mix for Becky Doppelt’s documentary Take A Bow, for which I was the composer, wrapped today. I scored it here in Los Angeles, the film will be dubbed in Chicago, and then it’s finished! That’s good news for any documentary, because docs take forever to make. This is my first feature film score, and I’m very proud of how it turned out.

Take A Bow screening in Chicago

We had a preliminary screening of Rebecca Doppelt’s documentary Take A Bow in Chicago today at Colombia College. The film was a success and it is very close to finished. Although it was not intended to be the focal point, my film score got lots of attention from the audience.

American Gangster score completed

The recording of the music for American Gangster is finished and it sounds great! The film is directed by Ridley Scott and stars Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe.  We had a full week of recording sessions at the Sony scoring stage with an absolutely brilliant 70-piece orchestra. The score is composed by Marc Streitenfeld, and I was his studio tech and worked closely with the orchestrator. They’ll be mixing and dubbing over the next couple of weeks and it hits the theatres shortly after that.

Pumpkin Hollow film score finished

The music mix of the score for Robert Rollins’ film Pumpkin Hollow is complete. I composed this one in just a couple of weeks, so it was busy but fun. Robert has been very enthusiastic about my music the entire time, and this was probably the most effortless collaboration I’ve ever had with a director. Everything just fit.

The Razor soundtrack complete

The music for Ryosuke Kawanaka’s film “The Razor” is finished. It was an old time experience with moody jazz recorded to analog reel-to-reel tape. The story is largely internal so the music played a pivotal role in this film, something all composers relish. It has already been accepted to the LA Shorts Fest and will screen there in the fall.

Recording orchestra at Fox for The Air I Breathe

Today we had orchestral recording sessions with composer Marcelo Zarvos, recording his film score for The Air I Breathe. We used a 50-piece string orchestra at the famous Fox Studios Newmann stage. I was assistant music editor on this project, helping editor Josh Winget, who is the head of 2 Pop Music. The film will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival next April. The film stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and was written and directed by filmmaker Jieho Lee.