Score complete for Maytal Gilboa film

My film score for Maytal Gilboa’s film Tommy And Lucy is finished. The main character is a small lost child, so we used a fairly small orchestra for the score. I mixed and mastered the music in my Torrance studio. Maytal is the manager and producer of Emet Entertainment, which focuses in part on empowering female creators and storytellers in comics.

Finished scoring a Christopher Sepulveda film

I just finished composing the score for Christopher Sepulveda’s film Anyone Anywhere. The film is a somber look at the power each one of us has over those around us, and the ways that power can sometimes be abused. I composed a score for the film which is somber and subtle.

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Writing music on set at Universal Studios

Shana Furlow’s film “The White Rose” was filmed over the weekend here in Los Angeles on the Universal Studios backlot. I will be scoring the film, so I brought my manuscript paper along and began writing the film’s music while on set. Composers don’t often have the opportunity to be involved in a film production so early in the process, and I’m grateful for the chance to sink into the story.

International Documentary Challenge

I just finished the International Documentary Challenge, a timed film making competition. I was the composer for Iris Ichishita’s film Homeless Karaoke, a documentary about a very unique program for the homeless on skid row in Los Angeles. All of the percussion for the film score was made with junk percussion that could conceivably be found on the streets, lending a unique and authentic texture to the score. The film will be premiered both on PBS and in the Hot Docs festival in Toronto. Iris is a contributor to many web videos and series by Good Magazine.