Composing score for “Hit The Lights”

I am just beginning to write a new film score for a film by director David Helman entitled “Hit The Lights” about a future earth so polluted that nobody has seen stars in 2 generations. The film score will be acoustic but ethereal.

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Producing artist Austin Bustad

Over the last four days I hosted one continuous, epic recording session at my studio with artist Austin Bustad. I am producing his next album, which will be my third project with him. We’re now totally done tracking guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. Overdubs will begin next week.

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San Fernando Valley Symphony

Richard Egizi is a wonderful composer who writes truly beautiful melodies and harmony. I’ve just completed the music preparation of manuscripts for his orchestral piece “Le quattro fasi di sesso femminile”, which will be played by the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra in late September. I have been Richard’s music copyist on four projects now, and he has always been a real pleasure to work with.

Building more high-end microphone preamps

Ever the do-it-yourself creative type, I recently built more top-notch microphone preamps for my studio. This is a matched stereo pair of Class A tube preamps. Depending on the gain settings they go from clean and warm to highly colored and a little gritty. They will be a useful addition to the studio, and because of the tubes they double as a little space heater too. These kits are from Scott Hampton at Hamptone.