Custom mic preamps

My custom built high-end mic preamps are complete! Last week I had bags full of thousands of electronic components, and today I have 8 high-end mic preamps. They’re replicas of Neve, API, and Millennia preamps, and this build saves me about $4,000 over the name brand preamps without sacrificing quality. The DIY kits are by Seventh Circle Audio.

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Judging for the Vertical Music Awards

Today I had the opportunity to be a judge for the Vertical Music Awards in Bogota, Colombia. I connected with the TV station Vertical Music while on tour in Colombia, and they brought be back for my expertise as a composer and orchestrator. We gave out 20 awards and lots of cash and other prizes. The crowd was crazy, the show was fun, and my buddy Obie Obien and I were among the first people to go down the red carpet for pictures and interviews.

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Cartoon music for Humpty Dumpty

This week I have been demoing main title theme songs for an animated TV show about Humpty Dumpty. These spec projects are hit or miss (usually miss) but nothing makes a late night recording session more fun than a tongue twister in song! It’s fun to write silly music once in a while.

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Home from South America tour

Throughout this last month I toured through Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru playing keyboards with Christafari. It was the toughest and most sleep deprived tour I have experienced in my three years working for them, but we were in good places with good people. In this photo I’m performing with the brilliant Nengo Vieira, who channels Bob Marley in wonderful ways and was on the tour with us.

Recording artist Austin Bustad

In the last week we recorded the core tracks for Austin Bustad’s new album here in my studio, tracking piano, bass, drums, guitar, organ, and vocals. I will also produce and mix the album. His writing is really wonderful and it was a pleasure to work with him on the arrangements. Austin is also a part of the Seattle based band Lonely Mountain Lovers.

Every Other Week film score finished

Director Genevieve McCarty and I wrapped up the music mixes of the score for her film Every Other Week today. I had the pleasure of composing much of the score with her in the room directing me, something that could easily become a disaster for a composer but worked beautifully with her. It was a truly collaborative effort, and that is the thing I love the most about scoring films.