Brazil tour with Christafari

I spent all of October touring through Brazil again with the band. We had shows almost every day, but there were a few days off and my Portuguese is getting a lot better! I absolutely adore Brazil and would move there in a heartbeat if I thought they had enough of a music industry for me to continue my career as a composer and orchestrator there. It’s a magical country.

Penance music finished

I completed and delivered additional music for Jake Kennedy’s film Penance today, just in time to leave for tour!

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Orchestrating for Diego Schoening

Diego Schoening is a Mexican musician and actor best known for his role in the group Timbiriche, with whom he recorded 19 albums and sold 20 million copies. I spent the last couple of days working as an orchestrator and music copyist for Diego’s newest solo album and his arranger Ruy Folguera. We are adding string orchestra to his songs throughout the new album, which is titled “Lo Que Soy.” It will be released on Fonarte Latino early in 2009.

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Returned from 8-week Europe tour

I just returned from an epic tour through Europe with Christafari for the last 8 weeks. We covered 18 countries, played shows in a different city nearly every night, and saw everything from Iceland to Spain, from England to Latvia, from good to bad. We’re tired, but what a great way to see the world!

This image was from my favorite experience of all, the SLOT art festival in Poland. It’s basically Europe’s Burning Man.

Musical theatre score

Steve Altman is a composer and performer here in Los Angeles who wrote a musical called The Time Machine based on the book by H. G. Wells. He made audio demos of the songs, and I was responsible for transcribing the audio and creating sheet music for all of the instruments in the band. We completed the score today, and we expect that it will play in the Hollywood Fringe festival next year.