Home from Brazil tour

I just returned from a great tour in Brazil with Christafari. I think we played every major city in just a few weeks and got a few fantastic 5-star hotels and beach days too. The crowds averaged about 3,000 people every night, and Brazilian crowds are LOUD!! Shows down there are a lot of fun.

Orchestrater for Yazawa world tours

In the last few days I orchestrated and did music copyist work on a couple of songs for Japanese pop star Yazawa along with Ruy Folguera. The music will be used throughout his upcoming Asian and European tours, and I believe they will use the orchestrations in album recordings as well. Here is one example with just a small string orchestra.

Third album transcription for Unfulfilled Desires

I just completed music copyist work for yet another album by New York funk/jazz band Unfulfilled Desires. This was the third album of theirs that I did transcriptions and music preparation for. As you can hear from the video, there are quite a lot of notes to listen to and write down.

Recording with Lillian Borunda

A great singer songwriter named Lillian Borunda and I spent the last few days cowriting some new songs and recording demos. She used to be a student of mine when I was a choir director in Davis, CA. She’s been through the program at the Berklee College of Music now, and she’s on her way back to New York with the new songs where she’ll be hitting the clubs.

Film shoot in my studio

My recording studio was used as a location today for a film by director Spencer Price. The film is called Trystan and it’s a completely slow-motion art film. The scenes in my studio were of a piano teacher and his student having their lessons.

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Pumpkin Hollow screening at LA Shorts Festival

The score I composed for Robert Rollins’ “Pumpkin Hollow” was screened with the film today at the LA Shorts Festival. The score is dramatic and orchestral throughout, as it’s meant to be a suspenseful and slightly scary Halloween film. This is my first collaboration with Robert, but he’s actively working on concepts for a half dozen other films so I’m sure it won’t be the last.

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Re-orchestrating Alan Menken music

I am mildly re-orchestrating and doing music preparation for composer Alan Menken and a medley of his music that will be played at the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam soon. It includes sneak previews of his score from the soon-to-be-released film score for Enchanted, which is hotly anticipated at the moment. It’s an honor to work with his music and study it in such close detail.

Alan cut together audio of the medley and gave me the original scores. The job is actually un-orchestrating or reducing. It’s my job to edit the scores to match and then re-orchestrate the huge session orchestra music down to fit the smaller live performance ensemble.